WMM-logo-text-below-e1426831213123 The Age of Intelligence brainHumanity has passed through several recognized stages to bring us up to where we are today. Beginning with the agricultural revolution around the 19th century, in which much advancement was made to help farm the land, and which was a part of the industrial revolution.  Steam power and water wheels changed dramatically the way we lived and clothed ourselves.  Later saw the arrival of the combustion engine and electrical power to move us on to previously unthought of possibilities. In the 1970s, the personal computer arrived and lead to the internet and the information age, bringing a wealth of knowledge to our fingertips.  It is now time to understand what to do with that information as we enter the age of intelligence. In the age of intelligence we need to learn to understand.  MindMapping is a tool to help us cope with information and connect it with our own thoughts to give us the whole picture.